Quick Start

  1. Open Blender and install the add-on if you haven’t already.

  2. Start a new scene and delete the default cube, or open an existing scene.

  3. Add a Starship object through the standard Add -> Mesh menu in Blender. Access this menu either through the Object menu at the top of the 3D view or by pressing Shift+A. Select the Starship option:

    Add Menu
  4. A new random starship model will be added to the scene.

    Adding a starship to the scene
  5. Expand the small menu that appears in the bottom left of the viewport marked Starship.

    Menu Expand
  6. Change the seed number until you find a shape you might like. Don’t worry if this initial menu disappears when you click away: you can always change the seed value later by going to the Starship Controls Modifier.

    Change Seed Object
  7. Note in the Outline view that a new Starship Generator Collection has been added to the scene, which contains the Starship object and its hidden supporting components. Adding more starships will add more collections:

    Starship Generator Collection
  8. With the Starship object selected, go to the modifiers tab where you can change the Controls:

    Starship Generator Modifier Panel