The Starship Generator

Starship Generator at work

What is the Starship Generator?

Add random scifi spaceships to your scene in Blender and export them to applications such as Unreal Engine. For concept artists and game developers who wish to create background 3D models for use in art, animation, games, or as a source of inspiration.


  • Simply add a Starship model to your scene from Blender’s Add -> Mesh Menu.

  • Create different designs by changing a single seed number.

  • Customize the Geometry Nodes set up in Blender: no custom code.

  • Choose panels added to the 3D model or an included Cycles displacement material.

  • Change the material and increase or decrease object density.

  • Collapse all the modifiers for a regular 3D model.

  • Created with design theory in mind to ensure the shapes are visually appealing.

  • Look at example .blend file setups provided.

How-to Videos

Full Video Playlist featuring:


  • The add-on can not create any type of spaceship imaginable; it is focused on creating ships similar to the Sulaco from Aliens or the Rocinante from The Expanse.

  • Best used for medium/background shots unless further modelling and sculpting is applied.

  • Designed to be as fast as possible, but performance will vary from computer to computer when changing parameters.

  • May cause the need to spend hours clicking through the seed values just to see which designs you get.

Use Royalty-Free

You are welcome to use the Starship Generator in any of your work, commercial or otherwise. We’d love to hear how you are using it!

Questions or Comments?

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